Improving the understanding of microplastics’ impact on human health

Strategic Vision

ILSI Europe aims to coordinate a common initiative around the public health concern on microplastics involving stakeholders from industry, academia and the public sector.


The knowledge about the origin, distribution and consequences of microplastics in the environment and in organisms is still very incomplete. So far a validated methodology for microplastics detection in foods or beverages is unavailable. Current results support the need for further investigation on the impacts of microplastics on human health.


An expert panel will address relevant health issues associated with microplastics accumulation. In particular this panel will:

  • Support the harmonisation of approaches and methods to assess microplastics in food through research and validation recommendations.
  • Review existing data (incl. data transfer and interpretation of other particle research fields) to support the health risk assessment of microplastics.

Expected Results

In June 2019, ILSI Europe organised a multistakeholder discussion to exchange knowledge on microplastics and to develop a common roadmap to ensure safe food and to keep consumer trust in the food systems.

The participants, representatives from industry, academia and the public sector, agreed that the harmonisation of approaches and methods to assess microplastics in food as well as the hazard, exposure and risk assessment of microplastics need further investigation and clarification.

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Task Force Members