Workshop ‘The Role of Gut Derived Short Chain Fatty Acids in Human Health’

Brussels, Belgium
28/11/2018 – 29/11/2018

Short chain fatty acids (SCFA) production is considered as (part of) the mechanism by which prebiotics exert beneficial effects on gut health, systemic physiological effects, and metabolic function. Increasing SCFA production and a more saccharolytic fermentation have thus been widely considered as a health benefit. Nevertheless, academic and commercial researchers are seeking consensus on the health benefits of colonic SCFA production. Achieving more clarity on this subject will also support policy makers in assessing benefits of prebiotics and dietary fibre consumption for the consumer.

An expert group set up by ILSI Europe’s Prebiotics Task Force investigated and evaluated the current scientific knowledge on SCFAs as a health benefit/biomarker by providing coherent evidence of their beneficial action(s). Consequently, the focus of this workshop was on the refinement of the drafted manuscript and the  conclusion on SCFA production in relation to health.

The overall aims of this workshop were:

  • To provide clarity on the health relevance of increased/altered SCFA production in the gastro-intestinal tract (GIT);
  • To discuss and refine already drawn conclusions of the expert group with an enlarged panel of multidisciplinary experts;
  • To obtain a consensus view on microbial SCFA formation as a benefit for human physiology.


The flyer including the programme is available here.


Expected Outcome
The main themes addressed at the workshop and the related discussions will be summarised in a peer-reviewed publication.

The workshop conclusion will provide guidance that facilitates the design, interpretation and evaluation of prebiotic and more general dietary fibres research. The consensus reached is intended to support the development of health claims (procedures) for prebiotics and dietary fibres which are endorsed by policy makers. Consequently, the workshop may trigger a future discussion on regulatory aspects.

About ILSI Europe’s Prebiotics Task Force
This event was made possible through the support from ILSI Europe's Prebiotics Task Force. ILSI Europe's Prebiotics Task Force is assessing the science supporting the use of prebiotics to rebalance and maintain health. More information about ILSI Europe's Prebiotics Task Force and its activities could be found here.

Registration and Payment
Attendance at this 2-day workshop was upon invitation only and registrations should be made by 31 October 2018.

A few seats have been reserved for interested experts subject to a registration fee
• Admission to the event
• Abstract booklet
• Buffet lunch/refreshments during the conference on 30th-31st August 2018
• Dinner on 30th August 2018

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The registration fee covers:
• Admission to the 2-day workshop
• Abstract booklet
• Buffet lunch and refreshments on 28 and 29 November 2018
• Welcome reception and buffet dinner on 28 November 2018

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Venue and Accommodation

The event will be held at:
The Holiday Inn Brussels Airport
Holidaystraat 7
BE – 1831 Brussels
Tel: + 32 2 720 58 65

The Holiday Inn Brussels Airport is a 4-star hotel located at a five-minute drive from Brussels Airport (BRU). The hotel offers a complimentary shuttle service to and from Brussels Airport (BRU) during specific morning and evening time slots. Parking in outdoor spaces is complimentary for workshop delegates coming by car. For more information on how to reach the venue click here.

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Important dates
31 October 2018: cut-off date for cancellations of registration
31 October 2018 cut-off date for cancellations of hotel reservation
10 November 2018: cut-off date for registrations and payments

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