Workshop on “The Gut Microbiome: Our Misunderstood Friend and Foe”

Brussels, Belgium
03/12/2015 – 04/12/2015

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The Functional Food Task Force of ILSI Europe organised a workshop entitled 'The Gut Microbiome: Our Misunderstood Friend and Foe'. The workshop has discussed the impact of the gut microbiome on entero-hepatic metabolism and energy availability. This event was upon invitation.


The programme is available here.


The Functional Food Task Force (in collaboration with the Obesity & Diabetes Task Force) hosted a workshop on 3-4 December 2015 that explored the role of major gut microbiota clusters on nutritional and functional benefits of key dietary components. While the impact of diet on the gut microbiome is a heavily explored research area, this activity enters new territories. An expert group chaired by Prof. Ian Rowland from the University of Reading has provided vision drafts of two reviews of existing data on different gut microbiota clusters, their effect on breakdown and availability of nutrients and, related methodologies, respectively. The main objectives of the workshop were to review and discuss these two draft manuscripts. The combination with general talks by Prof. Tom van de Wiele (Ghent University, BE), Prof. Harry Flint (University of Aberdeen, UK), Prof. Paul O’Toole (University College Cork, UK) and Prof. Kieran Tuohy (Edmund Mach Foundation, IT) on gut physiology and health interactions was perceived as an excellent format.


Session 1: Introduction and Background

Session 2: Introduction of the Manuscripts

Session 5: Current Issues in Gut Health Research


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