Workshop: Monitoring Immune Modulation By Nutrition in the General Population

Nice, France
16/04/2012 – 17/04/2012


It is known that the immune markers are modulated within a certain range where it is still considered as safe, the related lower and upper limits of this range are known for most of the immune markers thanks to the medical data. What is not always known is ‘how a certain ingredient can trigger a modulation’ and ‘how detrimental/beneficial this stimulation can be on the consumer’s health’?


The objectives of the current workshop were firstly to invite external experts to review the work done by the group. Secondly, it was aimed to propose scenarios for interpreting results observed during a trial. By this approach, the workshop contributed to a better understanding of the current limitations and insight in emerging opportunities for assessing immune modulation. It will thus promote further consensus on valuable and accessible markers for conducting intervention trials.

In order to ensure the application of the best science and a thorough review of the document produced, the workshop aimed to fulfil the following objectives:

  • Review of all data presented in the working document
  • Validate the identified markers and proposed grading/scoring
  • Endorse the outcomes of the WGs and their applicability


The outcome will be submitted to a peer reviewed journal. This publication will summarise the markers reflecting normal function of the immune system which are indicative for immune modulation by nutrients/bio active ingredients. This document will also include proposals for interpretation variations in these markers.


The programme is available here.


Welcome and Opening of the Workshop
S. Vidry, ILSI Europe, BE

Background and Objectives of the Workshop
A. Ouwehand, DuPont Nutrition & Health, FI

Presentation of the Expert Group
U. Sack,Universität Leipzig, DE

Tasks of the Working Groups
P. Phothirath, Nestlé, CH

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