ILSI Europe Webinar Series on Personalised Nutrition

Webinar, Zoom
17/10/2022 – 18/10/2022
3:30 pm – 5:00 pm


Webinar 1: Diet-genome Interactions: Bringing us a Step Closer Towards Personalised Nutrition

Webinar 2: Toolsets for Mining the gut Microbiome to Enable Precision Nutrition

Monday, October 17th 15:30-17:00 CEST

Tuesday, October 18th 15:30-17:00 CEST

About the Webinar

Diet is a major risk factor for cardio-metabolic health, but is challenging to study in part because metabolic response to diet is highly individualized. Characterizing the molecular pathways that mediate personalized responses to diet is critical to effectively tackle the rapid rise in obesity and its associated health consequences. Recently, we established an international multidisciplinary collaborative group of experts, the DIMENSION consortium, to test the hypothesis that dietary induced changes to gene function and its regulation can explain inter-individual variability in metabolic response to diet and its downstream effects on health.

The DIMENSION project tests this hypothesis by investigating dynamically the impacts of dietary intake on epigenetic regulation of gene function, and their effects on subsequent human cardio-metabolic health outcomes. DIMENSION focuses on the human gene regulatory and functional pathways that occur immediately following food intake in the postprandial state, as well as with habitual dietary intakes. In this webinar, experts with academic expertise discussed recent research into how our diet impacts our genome and its regulation to promote cardio-metabolic health, and to inform the rapidly evolving area of personalized nutrition-based strategies.


  • Sarah Berry - King’s College London (UK)
  • DIMENSION project overview and postprandial genomic trajectories, Jordana Bell - King's College London (UK)
  • Habitual diet and epigenetic modifications icrobiome & data, Jakob Linseisen - University of Augsburg and Ludwig-Maximililans University of Munich (DE)
  • Personalised nutrition: a game-changing journey towards health, Jose Ordovas - Tufts University (US) and IMDEA-Food (ES)

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About the Webinar

Have you ever considered having your microbiome analysed? If so, did questions about the applicability or reliability of the results to health or nutrition cross your mind? Do you believe, this is a promising area of research? Would you like to learn about its current status? This webinar will offer insights from experts who are working at the cutting-edge of microbiome-informed precision nutrition and healthcare. 

Disruptions in the ecological balance of the gut microbiota have been associated with many health problems, ranging from IBS, obesity, diabetes to autism spectrum disorder and Alzheimer’s disease. But how do we understand, or even measure, these associations, if every single gut microbiome on this planet has a totally unique composition? How can we understand and manage variable responses to dietary, prebiotic, and probiotic interventions?

This webinar provided an overview of some of the major computational and experimental tools that can be applied to these critical questions of microbiota-mediated personalized nutrition and healthcare. What can these tools tell us today, how will they (need to) evolve? What can we expect from sophisticated organ-on-a-chip models that integrate both host and microbial compartments? Can more sophisticated modelling tools help us to integrate the vast complexity of our inner ecology? Can we build low-cost diagnostic tools and predictive models that democratize access to personalized interventions?

Once we embrace the complexity of personalised interventions: what kinds of intervention modes do we target: e.g., diet, prebiotics, probiotics, or postbiotics? Which existing consumer-facing precision nutrition platforms are promising? What are the necessary steps forward, and who are the partners and stakeholders, in building a precision nutrition and healthcare future, capable of leveraging the gut microbiota?


  • Gabriele Gross - Head of Emerging Sciences, R&D Science Platforms Nutrition · Mead Johnson Nutrition / Reckitt (NL)
  • Quantitative microbiome profiling and community type analyses in health and disease, Gwen Falony - KU Leuven (BE)
  • Microbiome: a piece of the personalized nutrition puzzle (presentation available here), Emily Leeming - King's College London (UK)
  • Leveraging the Gut Microbiota to Predict Personalized Responses to Dietary, Prebiotic, and Probiotic Interventions (presentation available here), Sean Gibbons - Institute for Systems Biology (US)

Questions & Answers

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