Sensory Science & Consumer Behaviour – Multistakeholder Workshop

Brussels, Belgium
2:00 pm – 4:30 pm

About the workshop
ILSI Europe is launching a new Task Force on Sensory Science & Consumer Behaviour, aiming to understand consumer food choice drivers and eating behaviour to achieve sustainable food and nutrition security.

The evolving field of sensory science helps to bring insights on consumer food choice and how to bring consumers towards healthier and sustainable eating habits. The main objectives of this new Task Force are to 1) assess the most appropriate methods for studying sensory aspects influencing consumer choice and eating behaviour and 2) bridge the gaps in our current scientific understanding, in order to improve the current guidelines for research and ultimately food formulations.

This multi-stakeholder e-workshop will take place on Thursday 15 October from 2.00-4.30 PM (Brussels time) and will contribute to shaping the Task Force strategy and building a pertinent activity pipeline.

The aim of this workshop is to identify gaps and common priorities that aim to induce healthier food choice and improve healthier eating habits. The expected outputs are to:

1. Map the research gaps & stakeholder needs
2. Rank the topics of highest interest and urgency
3. Define 2-3 specific research questions

For who?
Anyone enthusiast and interested in sensory science, behaviour science, anthropology and/or nutrition.

Attendance was free upon registration, by sending an email to Ms Toula Aslanidis, Project Assistant.

For more information on this workshop, please contact Dr Lucie Geurts, Scientific Project Manager.