Processing Environment Monitoring in Low Moisture Foods Production: Setting Up a Meaningful Program

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4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

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About the webinar

Recent foodborne outbreaks involving low moisture foods highlight that a well-designed Processing environment monitoring (PEM) is increasingly important in the context of food safety management systems. However, PEM can only form an integral part of food safety systems when it is adequately designed and implemented: looking at the correct organisms of concern, at the right locations and times, using suitable and validated sampling and testing approaches, and being looked at / trended by trained personnel. Such a well-defined and implemented PEM can provide further assurance that the processing environment will not contribute to contamination of products. In this webinar, experts with academic and industrial experience unraveled how to develop a risk-based approach to support setting up a meaningful program, how to react in case of potential findings and why / what are the technologies to further characterize detected organisms.


Mr François Bourdichon, Catholic University of Sacred Heart, IT

Prof. Séamus Fanning, University College Dublin, IE

Prof. Marcel Zwietering, University of Wageningen, NL


Dr Anett Winkler, Cargill, DE



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