Poster @ IFCC WorldLab Istanbul 2014

IFCC WorldLab Istanbul 2014
Istanbul, Turkey
22/06/2014 – 26/06/2014

ILSI Europe was pleased to participate at the IFCC WorldLab Istanbul 2014, hosted by the Turkish Biochemical Society.


A poster of the latest work of the Nutrition and Immunity Task Force and the Probiotics Task Force was presented during this event.

TITLE: Monitoring Immune Modulation by Nutrition in the General Population: Identifying and Substantiating Effects on Human Health
PRESENTER: Prof. Ulrich Sack (University of Leipzig, DE)

Background: An effectively functioning immune system is essential for human health and wellbeing. Nutrition is one of the major exogenous factors modulating different aspects of immune function. Currently, no single marker is available to predict the effect of a dietary intervention on different aspects of immune function.

Objectives and Method: International Life Sciences Institute Europe commissioned a group of experts from academia, government and the food industry to prepare a guidance document. A draft of this paper was refined at a workshop involving additional experts. First, the expert group defined criteria to evaluate the usefulness of immune function markers. Next, five theoretical scenarios were drafted describing potential changes in the values of markers compared with a relevant reference range. Finally, all elements were combined, providing a framework to aid the design and interpretation of studies assessing the effects of nutrition on immune function.

Results: Over 75 markers were scored within the context of three distinct immune system functions: A) defence against pathogens; B) avoidance or mitigation of allergy; C) control of low-grade (metabolic) inflammation. The most useful markers were subsequently classified from the most integrated/physiologically relevant to the most isolated/mechanistically. These criteria can also be used for the future evaluation of new biomarkers.

Conclusion: This stepwise approach offers a clear rationale for selecting markers of immunomodulation, including inflammation for future trials and provides a framework for the interpretation of outcomes.

Key Words: biomarker, immune function, validation, guidance, criteria

R. Albers et al. 2013. Monitoring immune modulation by nutrition in the general population: identifying and substantiating effects on human health. British Journal of Nutrition 110(2):S1-S30

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