Poster @ EFSA’s 2nd Scientific Conference

Milan, Italy
14/10/2015 – 16/10/2015

Prof. Galli presented a poster on the re-evaluation of the cancer potency database at the EFSA's 2nd Scientific Conference ' Shaping the Future of Food Safety, Together'. This dissemination activity was commissioned by the TTC Task Force.


The TTC-based exposure limit of 0.15 μg/day is based on an evaluation of the Cancer Potency Database (CPDB) that includes information from carcinogenicity studies of over 700 chemicals. An ILSI Europe's expert group aims to establish if the TTC exposure limit of 0.15 μg/day for DNAreactive substances is still adequate by including in the evaluation the mode of action (e.g. mutagenic or not) and knowledge on human relevance. The expert group is re-evaluating the cancer TTC dataset by providing state-of-the-art scientific background support to the derivation of the threshold for DNA-reactive carcinogens. This work might also provide support for more than one TTC limit based on considerations such as mode of action or chemical class.


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