Poster @ Biology of Ageing Conference

Singapore, Singapore
22/10/2015 – 24/10/2015

Dr Nabil Bosco (Nestlé, CH) presented a poster on low-grade inflammation, on behalf of the Nutrition, Immunity and Inflammation Task Force. Please find here the draft poster.

The key messages of the poster are that:

  1. Low-grade inflammation (LGI) is a disease condition characterised by levels of inflammatory markers slightly above ‘normal’.
  2. LGI might be detrimental for many tissues and organs or system functions.
  3. LGI also occurs as a natural consequence of ageing, a process called ‘inflammageing’. Major elderly health complications are associated with LGI.
  4. Nutritional interventions may help controlling LGI. However, there is no robust evidence linking a reduced LGI and better health and well-being in the elderly.


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