ILSI Europe’s Annual Symposium

ILSI Europe's Annual Symposium
Brussels, Belgium
30/03/2017 – 31/03/2017


Our 2017 Annual Symposium took place in Brussels.

Topics for discussion included a session on food safety, risk assessment, consumers and sustainability. Speakers have included Dr Bert Popping, who discussed ‘Personalisation – New Tools’ in this field and Prof. Lynn Frewer of Newcastle University, who spoke about ‘Food Safety and Consumers’. Prof. Tim Benton of the University of Leeds, had also speak at this session.

A second session featured Prof. Mark Hanson, University of Southampton and Prof. Louise Dye, University of Leeds, spoke about healthy ageing. For more about ILSI Europe’s two recent workshops on Nutrition and the Ageing Brain, click here. Prof. Hannelore Daniel spoke about microbiota. Prof. Philip Calder, University of Southampton, discussed ILSI Europe’s work on markers.

Here at ILSI Europe, we foster collaboration among scientists from across industry, academia and government bodies in order to produce the best research in food safety and nutrition sciences. We celebrated this at our annual symposia.

We build a bridge between science and today’s major public health challenges, bringing together the best minds from industry, academia and government representatives to perform stringent science and evidence-based research.


The flyer including the programme is available here.


Prof. Alan Boobis (Imperial College London, President ad interim of ILSI Europe, UK)

Food Safety as a Vital Component of Food Security
Ms Britt Marianna Maestroni  (Joint FAO/IAEA Division of Nuclear Applications in Food and Agriculture, AT)

ILSI Europe and Its Science
Prof. Diána Bánáti (ILSI Europe, BE)

Session 1: Food Safety, Risk Assessment, Consumers and Sustainability

Food Safety, Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Consumers and Sustainability
Dr Ana Canals Caballero (AECOSAN, ES)

Alternatives to Animal Testing
Dr Katrin Schütte (European Commission, BE)

How Modern Technology and Big Data Can Contribute to Personalised Health and Advice - the Future Is Now
Dr Bert Pöpping (Scientific Advisor, Previously of Institut Mérieux, FR)

Consumer Behaviour and Food Safety Risks
Prof. Lynn Frewer  (University of Newcastle, UK)

Food System Futures
Prof. Tim Benton (University of Leeds, UK)

Session 2: Healthy Ageing, Microbiota, Markers

The Life Course Approach to Healthy Ageing
Prof. Mark Hanson (University of Southampton, UK)

The Link Between Nutrition and (Un)Healthy Ageing
Prof. Louise Dye (University of Leeds, UK)

Healthy Ageing – a Futile or Realistic Opportunity?
Dr Manfred Eggersdorfer (DSM, CH)

Gut Micriobiota: Myths, Metaphysics and My View
Prof. Hannelore Daniel (Technical University of Munich, DE)

ILSI Europe and Microbiota
Prof. Kieran Tuohy (Fondazione Edmund Mach, IT)

Nutrition as a Biological Variable
Dr Dan Raiten (NICHD*, US)

ILSI Europe Activities in the Area of (Bio)Markers
Prof. Philip Calder (University of Southampton, UK)