ILSI Europe Session at the 11th European Nutrition Conference (FENS) 2011

Madrid, Spain

ILSI Europe organised a session, entitled Food Consumption and Public Health, during the  FENS (Federation of European Nutrition Societies) meeting in Madrid (Thursday 27 October 2011; session D2: 11.00 - 13.00).

This session was co-organised by the task forces on Appetite Regulation, Weight Management in Public Health, Metabolic Syndrome & Diabetes, and Risk Assessment of Chemicals in Food.

The session started by addressing scientific considerations of the benefits of satiety to consumers before looking at the determinants of obesity and the metabolic syndrome, topics of work realised by ILSI Europe. Finally a benefit risk analysis of macronutrients replacement was covered. At the end of the session there was room to discuss potential directions for further research in the context of the covered topics.


To download the program, click here.


Introduction to ILSI Europe
Dr. Stéphane Vidry, ILSI Europe, BE

Benefits of satiety to consumer: Scientific considerations
Prof. Louise Dye and Dr. Clare Lawton, University of Leeds, UK (sponsored by Appetite Regulation TF)

Determinants of obesity
Prof. Claus Vögele, University of Luxembourg, LU (sponsored by Weight Management in Public Health TF)

Metabolic syndrome
Prof. Martine Laville, Lyon Civil Hospice & Lyon University, FR (sponsored by Metabolic Syndrome & Diabetes TF)
(not available)

Benefit Risk Analysis of Foods (BRAFO) - Example of macronutrients replacement
Prof. Hans Verhagen, National Institute for Public Health & the Environment (RIVM), NL (sponsored by Risk Assessment of Chemicals in Food TF)