ILSI Europe Breakfast Session ‘Aspects of Energy Metabolism’ at the 19th European Congress on Obesity

Lyon, France

ILSI Europe organised a breakfast session at the 19th ECO, and presented there highlights of the major work achieved by ILSI Europe Task Forces on Obesity related work.

The prevalence of obesity has tremendously increased around the globe in the past decades: currently one person out of two is categorised as overweight and almost one out of three as obese in Europe. Determining the causes of obesity is central to any efforts tackling it. Studies have shown an influence of genetic factors, however, genetic susceptibility will rarely cause obesity in the absence of an obesogenic environment and thus, diet and lifestyle play an integral role in the vast rise of obesity and overweight.

ILSI Europe has targeted gaps in the scientific knowledge on causes of obesity and overweight across the European region and will continue to combat the epidemic of overweight and obesity during the years to come by commissioning work of experts with different expertise and by strengthening the collaboration with other ILSI branches and scientific obesity associations around the world.

ILSI Europe is unique in providing a forum for food safety and nutrition scientists, the food industry and regulators to come together, not only to discuss the science and how and where future research opportunities exist, but also to address how to apply the science in terms of, for example, evaluating best practice methodologies and validation criteria for biomarkers which all contribute to the process of scientific substantiation.


Introduction to ILSI Europe
Dr. Stéphane Vidry, ILSI Europe, BE

Early Origins of Adipose Tissue
Prof. Michael Symonds, University of Nottingham, UK

Inflammation of Adipose Tissue
Prof. Philip Calder, University of Southampton, UK

Nutritional Management of Postprandial Glycemia
Dr. Wendy Russel, University of Aberdeen, UK


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