ILSI Europe 2015 General Assembly of Members

Brussels, Belgium


ILSI Europe was pleased to welcome its members to share the yearly achievements of the Institute and discuss its strategic plans. Upon invitation only.


Since the brainstorming process initiated with our members at the 2013 ILSI Europe Annual Symposium in order to clarify ILSI Europe’s future scientific strategy and long-term action plan, the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) together with the Board of Directors developed a new mapping of our scientific activities to better reflect our main strategic fields of interest. As a result of these discussions, our activities are now structured under the following 6 overarching themes.

As a next step, in November 2014, the Board of Directors held a strategic retreat with invited members of the SAC. The aim was to reflect on ILSI Europe’s Vision, Mission, and strategic objectives. To address appropriately the new Vision and Mission statements, the Board also defined four key strategic goals within four working groups: Recognised scientific leadership, Tripartite and balanced representation, Enhanced communication, High-performing organisation.

The Board of Directors wishes to share and discuss the outcome of their reflections with all representatives of our member companies on the occasion of the 2015 GA.


The 2015 General Assembly of Members (GA) was held on 19 March 2015, started at 10.30 and ended at 16.00, in the Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre, Belgium.


For registration, please contact Ms Ruth Marquet, Membership and Conference Manager at