2015 ILSI Annual Meeting

Phoenix, Arizona, USA
16/01/2015 – 21/01/2015

ILSI North America holds its Annual Meeting each January in conjunction with ILSI, ILSI Research Foundation and HESI. In 2015, ILSI Europe organised two sessions on ‘Hazards vs. Risks: the Exposure Revolution’ and ‘The Aging Brain’, in cooperation with several other ILSI branches. Details for both sessions are below.

SESSION: 'Hazards and Risks: The Exposure Revolution'

20 January 2015, 14:00 - 17:00


The programme of the session is available here. The session booklet is available here.


The use of hazard- and risk-based approaches in the safety assessment of foods triggers a lot of discussion. The terms ‘hazard’ and ‘risk’ are often used to mean the same thing in common language. However, there is a clear difference between the two terms when used in chemical, microbiological and allergy safety assessments of foods. The main idea will be to convene experts and to discuss the hazard and risk-based approaches in food safety assessment. For example, the identification of the hazardous properties of chemicals is a necessary step towards determining the risks that those chemicals pose to human health or the environment when used in certain products. However, hazard identification is not by itself a sufficient basis either for assessing risk, or for regulating products.


Setting the Scene
Diána Bánáti, ILSI Europe, Belgium

Hazard or Risk Based Approach?
Alan Boobis, Imperial College London, UK

Dietary Exposure Assessment of Aluminum-containing Food Additives in Chinese Population
Junshi Chen, ILSI Focal Point in China, China

The Need to Base Decisions on Exposure: The Example of Emerging Technologies
Richard Canady, Independent Researcher, USA

Scientific Balance between Hazard and Risk: The Application of TTC in Food Safety
Richard Lane, PepsiCo, Inc., USA

A 21st Century Roadmap for Human Health Risk Assessment, More Hazard or More Risk (large file)
Alan Boobis, Imperial College London, UK

Hazard vs. Risk Approaches in India and Regulatory Implications
PK Seth, Biotech Park, India

Food Safety Surveillance and Monitoring System
Ki Hwan Park, Chung-Ang University, Korea

Hazards vs. Risk Approaches in Southeast Asia Region and Regulatory Implications
Keng Ngee Toeh, ILSI Southeast Asia Region, Singapore


For more information on this workshop, please contact Dr Alessandro Chiodini, Scientific Project Manager at achiodini@ilsieurope.be.


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SESSION: 'The Aging Brain'

20 January 2015, 17.00 - 18.30


The programme of the session is available here. The session booklet is available here.


The relationship between nutrition and mental performance has grown substantially in recent years. By their very nature people are interested in the impact of food or nutrients on brain function, cognition and mental performance, leading to numerous research studies alongside the accompanying media fascination. Food and nutrients can benefit brain functions. Great opportunities remain for innovation to optimise neurodevelopment and reduce risk of cognitive decline. In this developing field, this scientific session on ‘The Aging Brain’ aims to advance and disseminate scientific knowledge on the effects of diet and food components on the aging brain and cognitive function. The percentage of aged populations (e.g. 60 years and older) in almost every country will skyrocket in the next few decades. Currently there are no preventative dietary recommendations for preserving brain health and cognition by any major health organisations (WHO, NIH), and regulatory agencies have given no positive opinions for nutrients that help maintain brain function during aging. It is becoming widely accepted that lifestyle changes are the best protection against cognitive decline, creating a massive opportunity for nutritional products and optimal diets.


Stéphane Vidry, ILSI Europe, Belgium

Defining Healthy Aging: from Science to Practice: What is the Link to Diet and Nutrition
Johanna Dwyer, Tufts University, USA

Nutrition for the Aging Brain
Sophie Kergoat, Wrigley (Mars Incorporated), USA

Minerals for the Aging Brain
Silvia Cozzolino, São Paulo University, Brazil

Energy Regulation, Dietary Patterns and Brain Health in the Taiwanese Population
Meei-Shyuan Lee, National Defense Medical Center, Taiwan

Assessment of Cognitive Function in Southeast Asia: the Problem of Cultural Diversity
Sofia Amarra, ILSI Southeast Asia Region, Singapore

Global Future Directions in Brain Aging Research
Wenhua Zhao, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, China


For more information on this workshop, please contact Mr Jeroen Schuermans, Scientific Project Manager at jschuermans@ilsieurope.be.


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