Early Career Scientists Event 2023 – “Food contaminants: emerging challenges between safety and sustainability.”

Wageningen University, The Netherlands
10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Early Career Scientists 2023 (2560 × 702 px)

About the Event

ILSI Europe, in collaboration with the Wageningen University and under the patronage of the European Parliament, is organising a face to face seminar that looks at the relationship between changing food chains and emerging risks associated with food contaminants.

The European Environment Agency believes that the coming decade will be pivotal for humanity. Access to nutritious and safe foods is at the heart of the challenge we face due to converging dynamics in climate, pollution, biodiversity and population growth. However, these changes are happening at a time when there is also an increasing pressure for food to be perceived to be free from contaminants and residues, with major initiatives such as the EU’s Green Deal including the ‘Strategy towards a toxic-free environment’. The risk perception of contaminants, however that term might be defined, adds complexity to the inevitable changes that are happening in food chains including the contaminants that are present.

If you are an ‘early career scientist’* and working within this nexus, we would like to hear from you!

We will welcome abstracts from researchers working on the occurrence of contaminants be they natural or industrial, their hazardous properties and risk assessment, changing consumption patterns and impact on exposure, contaminant risk perception, or an aligned area related to contaminants and emerging risks.

The event offers a great opportunity for early career scientist to present their work, network and get more information about important topics related to food safety.


Prof. Franz Berthiller – BOKU - Universität für Bodenkultur Wien (AT): "Biotoxins in Food: Emerging Risks and Analysis

Prof. Berthiller is an Associate Professor at the Department IFA-Tulln of BOKU and Head of the Biomarker Module of the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Innovative Gut Health Concepts of Livestock. He studied chemistry at the University of Vienna and the Vienna University of Technology and is an expert on liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry. He previously headed the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Mycotoxin Metabolism from 2011-2017 and researched on the metabolism of mycotoxins in plants, microbes and animals. He received numerous scientific awards, including the Dr. Brigitte Gedek Science Award 2006, the Fritz-Feigl-Award 2014 from the Austrian Society of Analytical Chemistry or the Appreciation Award of Lower Austria for Science 2018. Franz served as the Chair of the Austrian Society of Toxicology till last year. Since 2018 he is the Editor-in-chief of the World Mycotoxin Journal. His scientific output includes over 160 international peer-reviewed publications, which were cited about 9500 times ever since (h-index 55). 

Prof. Ine Van Der Fels - Wageningen – WUR (NL): "Contaminants in the circular food system"
Prof. van der Fels-Klerx (Ph.D) is a Professor in Food Safety Economics at the Business Economics Group of Wageningen University, and principle scientist of Wageningen Food Safety Research. Her research focuses on underpinning decision making in food safety control, linking social-economics with food safety research. She also focuses on food safety in changing food systems, including climate change, circular production, and use of novel proteins, and works on predictive modelling and early warning of food safety in food systems. She has published over 150 scientific publications.

Peter Hoos –Unilever (NL): "The Analytical Balance between Great Taste and Fully Safe Products" 
Peter Hoos is an Analytical specialist in translating questions, claims, project challenges, issues, root cause analysis into analytical protocols. Graduate in Analytical Process & Lab Automation, Pedagogic & Didactic Teaching and Food Technology. Since 1995 working at Analytical Chemistry Unilever Research.

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Poster and oral presentation winners

Organising and Scientific Committee awarded Maria Agustina Pavicich for the best poster presentation entitled ‘Mycotoxins in vegetarian protein rich food and high fiber food’ and Erik De Lange for the best oral presentation entitled ‘Food Safety of Insect Rearing on Organic Substrates’. 

Winners were selected based on their exceptional delivery, audience engagement, clear communication, organisation, coherence, captivating presentation style and ability to handle questions and feedback with confidence and professionalism.


Organizing committee

Michele Suman - Barilla G&R Fratelli

Neil Buck - General Mills

Natalie Tatcher - Mondelēz International

Armando Venancio - Center of biological engineering - Univerity of Minho

Laura Righetti - Wageningen - WUR

Gert Salentijn - Wageningen - WUR

Konrad Korzeniowski – ILSI Europe


Scientific Committee

Armando Venancio- Center of biological engineering - Univerity of Minho

Jossie Garthoff - Danone

Konrad Korzeniowski – ILSI Europe



Omnia Auditorium

Gebouw 105

Hoge Steeg 2

6708 PH Wageningen
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Registrations are closed. 

Abstract Submission

Abstract submissions are closed. 

Deadline for registration: EXTENDED 9th April 2023

* a student, PhD candidate, or practising scientist who received their highest certificate (e.g. BSc, MSc or PhD) within the past seven years.

Proudly supported by ILSI Europe Food Contaminants Task Force.