Driving Food Safety Innovations Across Europe​ – CATALYSE Webinar​

Online, Zoom
10:00 am – 12:00 pm


About the event

As part of the CATALYSE EU-project, and organised in collaboration with Universidade Católica Portuguesa, the interactivewebinar "Driving Food Safety on World Food Safety Day will explore needs and priorities within the 6 critical Food Safety areas identified by Flanders' Food followed by the awareness of Community of Practice. Don't miss the opportunity to interact with public authorities, industry and academic stakeholders, and contribute to the collective effort to improve food safety across Europe.


  • ​Welcome, aim of the session, agenda & CATALYSE project
  • Industry perspective on food safety - what withholds the future
  • Flander's Food perspective on food safety - 6 themes introduction
  • Interactive polling on most relevant food safety theme
  • Breakout rooms on Food Safety Critical Areas
  • Presentation on previous interactive session's report (IAFP 2024 - Geneva, Switzerland)
  • World Food Safety Day. Food safety: prepare for the unexpected
  • CATALYSE Community of Practice presentation
  • Interactive session on knowledge exchange, education and training for Stakeholders