Current Perspectives on Risk-Benefit Assessment in Food Safety and Nutrition: Where Do We Stand? – Webinar

Online, Zoom
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Current Perspectives on Risk-Benefit Assessment in Food Safety and Nutrition Where Do We Stand

About the event

In a continuously evolving food word, Risk-Benefit Assessment of Foods (RBA) plays a key role in understanding the impact of dietary practices on human health. This discipline integrates the latest scientific advancements in nutrition, toxicology and microbiology to comprehensively assess the adverse and beneficial health effects associated with different food consumed. RBA has emerged in the 2000s and has undergone continuous development with now more than 200 RBA performed word widely. 

Our one-hour webinar aims to provide a comprehensive update on Risk-Benefit Assessment of Foods and discuss the current needs and limitations to launch an international survey. We will introduce the ILSI Europe Food Contaminants Task Force and the Risk Benefit Assesment of Foods Expert Group, explain what is RBA and present the latest developments.  

Whether you're a researcher, involved in decision making process, working in industry or health-conscious consumer, this webinar will offer insights into the latest developments in food safety and nutrition. 


  • Introduction to the ILSI RBA activity and what are the needs? Neil Buck (General Mills) 
  • What is RBA in Food safety and nutrition? Hans Verhagen (Scientific Regulatory Expert, Food Safety & Nutrition Consultancy) 
  • An update from 2024: what was done in RBA? Géraldine Boué (ONIRIS) 
  • Discussion - Alan Boobis (Imperial College London) 
  • Starting a survey: what are the needs and limitations? Taya Huang (Nanyang Technical University)


Don't miss this opportunity to stay updated on the latest advancements in Risk-Benefit Assessment of Foods!