Acryred WG1 Workshop – Cross-cutting topics

Bratislava, Slovakia
10:00 am – 5:00 pm
National Agricultural and Food Centre, Food Research Institute

About the event

The Working Group 1 Interdisciplinary exchange and integration of knowledge on asparagine and acrylamide of Acryred Cost Action will meet in Bratislava, at the Food Research Institute, in Bratislava (SK).

The meeting, organised along with the first Acryred Training School, aims at analyzing the results achieved by the Working Group in its first year of activities.

In particular, with different sessions organized during the meeting, the WG1 members will evaluate the harmonization of the results achieved so far and it will plan the future activities of the Action, its objectives of the second year of implementation, and how to strengthen the communication activities with and the identification of the main events in the sector.