SustainablE Intervention technOlogies for controlling food Safety and Stability – SUIT4FOOD

Total Budget: € 400,000
Consortium: 9 partners
Countries: 7
Duration: 1 Sep 2017 – 31 Aug 2020


In its FOOD 2030 policy framework (see also FIT4FOOD2030), the European Commission prioritised innovation and investment in food and nutrition security. Via development and further application of technologies for a sustainable food chain, we can ensure safe foods and healthy diets for all. Particularly, improvement and innovation is needed for the application and scaling-up of alternative food processes that result in higher product quality, longer shelf-life, fewer lost sales, reduction in costs due to lower water and energy demands, and thus sustainable intensification. In order to arrange for a future with sustainable innovation, we need to invest in appropriate education and training for young scientists, as they are the future food safety researchers and professionals that will drive innovations.


SUIT4FOOD is a transnational, collaborative and multidisciplinary ERASMUS+ Programme that brings together European experts in food science, engineering and innovation communication, providing a multi-disciplinary view of food safety and stability technologies. The overall aim of this strategic partnership is to train early stage researchers and engineers (MSc or early stage PhD) in the area of sustainable technologies for controlling food safety and stability by:

  • Fostering innovative problem based learning initiatives. and
  • Allowing young scientists to build scientific networks and collaborations while stimulating advanced research in European academia and industry.

Role of ILSI Europe

ILSI Europe will provide the technical and organisational support required to develop e-learning modules and webinars, as well as support the dissemination of the project and provide links to key players in the European food industries and academia. Throughout the first two years of the project, ILSI Europe will collect relevant educational materials, such as video recorded material from the teaching activities within SUIT4FOOD performed by the partners and video recordings from regular webinars given by the young scientists. During the last year of the programme, an e-learning course will be developed by ILSI Europe, based on the materials collected and developed throughout the project. This e-course can be used by participating organisations and will become available for external organisations following the completion of the project.

Expected Impact

The cooperation in the strategic partnership programme will result in a future knowledge transfer between participating institutions and facilitate the exchange of students for practical training in companies between the countries. The proposed strategic partnership will open the opportunity to introduce new developments in the education and training of sustainable intervention food technologies, knowledge communication, to the teaching staff and students in order to implement achieved know-how in educational programmes. All young professionals participating in SUIT4FOOD will develop professional skills required for innovation in food safety and stability. By the end of the project, the education materials will be provided to the general public via an e-learning course to ensure a broader platform for implementation and a widespread platform of support for young researchers and engineers.

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