The Board of Directors is composed of an equal number of member company representatives and of scientists from academic institutions in order to ensure a balanced input. Each year, one third of the members retires but is eligible for re-election. Candidates recommended by the Nomination Committee to fill the Board vacancies are elected for a three-year term by the General Assembly.

The remit of the Board of Directors is to direct and control the management of the Institute, such as:

  • To elect the Board Officers from the members of the Board of Directors;
  • To prepare the annual accounts and to propose the budget of the forthcoming year;
  • To propose amendments to the Charter of Incorporation, changes in the structure of the Institute or the dissolution of the Institute to the General Assembly.
  • It is also to directs and controls the scientific activities of the Institute, such as:
  • Approving the scientific content of the programme, following advice of the Scientific Advisory Committee, ensuring its execution, and reporting back on the progress and status of the programme to the General Assembly;
  • Appointing the members of the Scientific Advisory Committee and proposing the establishment or dissolution of scientific committees to the General Assembly.