30th April 2021 – The European Union (EU) has renewed ILSI Europe’s Transparency status. After successfully passing the annual official audit it was confirmed that ILSI Europe continues to comply with the EU Transparency Register.  ILSI Europe remains under the Non-Governmental Organisations section of the registry.

This EU official recognition for Transparency proves our full and continuous commitment to our tripartite nature that fosters open public-private collaboration.

“This achievement for ILSI Europe is an official recognition to our continuous efforts in our transparency compliance with the European Union – Ignacio Garamendi, Executive Director in ILSI Europe.

From April 2021, ILSI Europe hosts the official Transparency number of 41834336293-06.

What is the EU Transparency Register?

The EU institutions interact with a wide range of groups and organisations representing specific interests. The Transparency Register aims at answering core questions such as the initiatives followed, by whom and with what budgets. It aims at showing the open interactions of the European Parliament and the European Commission with groups and organisations.

Why is it important for ILSI Europe?

Being part of this register officially recognises that ILSI Europe complies with the EU Transparency standards. ILSI Europe, classified under the non-governmental organisation section, openly describes the scientific events and activities performed. ILSI Europe officially declares that the organisation’s purpose is not to influence but to excel in scientific evidence under the consensus of Academics, Industry and Institutions. In consequence, ILSI Europe designates its budget to public scientific events.

Visit our public profile in the EU Transparency Register.

Learn more on the EU Transparency register here.