The Food Allergy Task Force developed a new expert group on Allergen Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) and their first activity kicked off in February 2020. Under the name ‘Development and Integration of Methodology to Link Emerging Tools with Risk Management Actions across the Supply Chain, including Precautionary Labelling’, the experts will focus on defining the consensus on the methodologies needed for allergen quantitative risk assessment by food business operators.

Harmonising information and finding the consensus is needed to protect public health and increase the trust of allergic consumers in packaged foods, including their labelling. The multi-stakeholder collaboration of this activity will help to build on established tools, agreeing on the methodologies needed for quantitative risk assessment.

Governments, agencies, industries and academic experts increasingly agree on the convenience of integrating at international level the Risk Assessment as part of the allergen management, including it as input into decisions on precautionary allergen labelling (PAL). Despite the maturity of allergen risk assessment approaches, consensus has not yet been reached on how to implement it. This is a significant gap, since only through the agreement across food operators; PAL can be truly accurate and meaningful.

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