ILSI Europe kicks off a new activity to assess the impact of environmental factors during dry production

The Microbiological Food Safety Task Force (TF) launched in February 2020 a new activity on ‘Environmental Monitoring in Dry production environments – Are we looking for the right thing(s) / microorganism?’ Production environment might affect the microbiological safety of food products. This activity has been developed to help regulators and industry to focus on microorganism of relevance in dry production environment when setting-up an environmental monitoring (EM) program.

EM programs are increasingly important in the context of food safety plans and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) programs. However, there are still many questions on how to set up a useful program to provide early warnings of potential product contamination. This activity aims at evaluating existing scientific data on microorganisms of importance and/or concern in dry production environments. The result may potentially help industry and regulators to set up targeted Environmental Monitoring (EM) Programs.

The TF, comprised of industry and academic members from 7 different countries, identifies emerging research gaps in food microbiology and addresses possible measures to tackle such gaps.