Satiety and Appetite Control Claims: Getting It Right for Consumers

Nutrition Bulletin. 2013;38:373-377

In November 2012, the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) Europe Eating Behaviour and Energy Balance Task Force held a workshop entitled ‘Satiety and appetite control claims: getting it right for consumers’. Since its inception in 2008, the Task Force has supported a sequence of expert group activities to generate a wider understanding of satiety benefits and claims and the appropriate methods for their substantiation. The activities to date have resulted in four publications (Blundell et al. 2010; Delzenne et al. 2010; Bilman et al. 2012; and Hetherington et al. 2013).

In response to the efforts of the Task Force and the accumulated published outputs, it was decided to hold a one-day workshop open to stakeholders to consider the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) consultation on satiety claims, the science behind satiety claims and the potential benefits to consumers. The workshop was attended by 50 delegates and speakers from industry, government, public health, policy and academia. The primary purpose of the workshop was to raise awareness about the activities of the Task Force. Controversies and questions associated with satiety claims were also discussed, as well as future research activities that could help to resolve these.

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