Overview of Scientific Activities

2017 Activity Document (March 2017)
Scientific Portofolio Booklet (March 2017)
Mapping of Scientific Activities (March 2017)
ILSI Europe one-pager (March 2017)
Frequently Asked Questions (March 2016)
List of Publications (December 2016)

Thematic Posters

Food Safety (March 2017)
Nutrition, Development & Healthy Ageing (March 2017)
Biomarkers & Functional Effect Measurements (March 2017)
Exposure and Intake Assessment (March 2017)
Gut Microbiota & Health and Nutrition Security & Societal Aspects (March 2017)

Podcasts and Webinars

Webinar ‘Relevance of Microbial End-Product Testing in Food Safety Management’ (25 November 2015)
Webinar ‘Allergen Risk Assessment and Reference Doses’ (16 April 2015)

Podcast ‘Low-grade Inflammation’ (07 August 2015)
Podcast ‘Criteria to Determine Effectiveness of Dietary Exposure Mitigation’ (16 March 2015)


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Latest Press Releases

Controlling Inflammation to Reduce Chronic Disease Risk (7 August 2015)
Enhancing Risk-Based Approaches to Food Safety Would Benefit Consumer (3 December 2014)
Reducing Exposure to Food Contaminants – How Can we Measure Success? (28 November 2014)
A Healthy Diet May Improve Cognitive Ageing (04 July 2014)
Evaluating How Nutrition Can Optimize Immune Function (01 August 2013)
Brain Imaging to Show How Diet Affects our Brain (01 August 2013)
Preventing Obesity Transmission During Pregnancy (12 February 2013)

Task Force One-Pagers (March 2017)

Dietary Carbohydrates
Dietary Intake and Exposure (Formerly Food Intake Methodology)
Early Nutrition and Long-Term Health (Formerly Metabolic Imprinting)
Eating Behaviour and Energy Balance
Food Allergy
Functional Foods
Microbiological Food Safety
New Approaches in Chemical Risk Assessment
Nutrient Intake Optimisation
Nutrition and Mental Performance
Nutrition Immunity and Inflammation
Obesity and Diabetes
Packaging Materials
Process-related Compounds and Natural Toxins
Threshold of Toxicological Concern