ILSI Europe’s Annual Symposium 2018

ILSI Europe's Annual Symposium
Brussels, Belgium

This year our Annual Symposium will take place all day on 27th March 2018.
The General Assembly will take place the day before (26th March 2018).

The main topics for discussion at our Annual Symposium are:

  • Food of the Future
  • Proteins of the Future
  • Consumer Behaviour and Nutritional Intake

Programme (provisional)

Session 1 – Food of the Future
Processed Foods (Focus on Future Technologies)
Prof. Henry Jäger, BoKU

Analytical Food Devices

Session 2 – Proteins of the Future
Insect Proteins
Prof. Arnold van Huis, University of Wageningen

Plant-Based Proteins

Alternative Meat Production
Prof. Mark Post, University of Maastricht

Session 3 – Consumer Behaviour and Nutritional Intake
Evaluation of New Methods for Dietary Intake Assessment
Dr Alison Eldridge, Nestlé

Dietary Patterns vs. Health Status
Prof. Janet Cade, University of Leeds 

Nudging and Sustainable Changes Towards Healthier Food Choices
Dr Nathalie Martin, Nestlé

External Cues and Appetite Control
Dr Ellen van Kleef, University of Wageningen

To begin the Symposium we will be organising five parallel breakfast meetings.
Find out more here.

ILSI Europe will be offering several Young Scientist Travel Awards.
Applications are currently being reviewed.